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Nov 2, 2015

November in Utah (and Maine)

My oldest turned 31 today. Happy birthday, Bossy!

We had a fun family party for her. Gamer made bbq chicken and I put together the rest of the meal and the cake. I hate to admit that I didn't even think of taking any pictures until right now. The party was a bit different than normal because my sweetie wasn't home. He has been back east all week.

It was so fun to see all the pictures of Maine he shared with us today. That is one place I have never been and it looks so beautiful! When we went back east, we spent a day at Atlantic City. The ocean was amazing and the kids loved swimming in it, but it was not nearly as dramatic as the pictures he sent to us.

It's always difficult when he is gone, even though I have all of these great kids to take care of me. They are so funny, they take turns sleeping with me every night so I won't have to sleep alone. Now if that's not true devotion, I don't know what is... either that or they just love my electric blanket.

So far I have managed to keep the furnace off, in fact, our garden is still producing which is pretty rare for the first day of November in Utah. Although I have heard that they are promising a freeze on Tuesday, so we will likely be getting things picked tomorrow so we can get it cleared for the winter. I'm not super excited about doing any more canning, but Bossy keeps insisting we need to do some green enchilada sauce before we are through.

When we got home from church this morning, the Dog Walker had most of the Halloween stuff in the yard taken care of before he left for the singles' ward. I mentioned that maybe we could clean up tomorrow and he mumbled, "Halloween's over," and he kept on working.

He is turning 22 on Wednesday, so we will be celebrating at least one more birthday before my sweetie gets home.


LeAnn said...

I so remember the day that my husband traveled. Sometimes, my kids came in to sleep with me at night. Maine looks a bit cold in the pictures. I think we are heading for cold today.
Hugs for you!

Denise said...



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