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Nov 20, 2015

Celebrating Football

Both of my boys had their football banquets (or should I say parties?) tonight. Sport's was at the Airborne Trampoline place. After an hour and a half of the team jumping, they were going to eat pizza while the parents all just sat around and visited the entire time. There would be about 10 minutes of ceremony and that would be it. Honestly, not really a banquet, but fun for the boys.

Drama Queen handled that one for me. She mostly just dropped Sport off and then she wandered around Ikea for an hour finding some frames we needed for Activity Days before returning to see his awards and take him home. I got to go with Curly.

His was at the Herriman Rec Center. They had reserved a party room, but it was much too small so they moved all the boys and the coaches into the slightly bigger room. Then we were told we absolutely couldn't stand in the other room (even though they were adjoining and no one had rented it).

So we had 19 boys and their parents and 4 coaches and the occasional brother or sister all trying to crowd into a tiny room filled with tables and pizza, but again, only enough for the team. If you wanted food, you had to bring it yourself. (So what was the point of inviting parents again?)

Curly's banquet started at 6:00, so we dropped Crafty at dance, picked up Baby Doll from dance, and then met the Dog Walker at the house. We were going to caravan to the Rec Center. The Dog Walker and Baby Doll would swim with Curly after the awards and then they would all go home together. I would leave after the awards and join my volleyball team for the first day of the 3-day tournament.

We played two matches and of the 4 games we only won 1. That probably eliminates us from the final tournament, but we still have 2 matches to play tomorrow, so anything can happen. And now I'm up late, getting everything ready for Scout's birthday party tomorrow. I have to take Baby Doll to see the oral surgeon in the morning, and the party starts at 2:00, so I just couldn't chance not having it together.

Princess made 6 dozen cupcakes for me while I got things ready for the craft. The Dog Walker was studying for his math test and bringing in the tables and setting up chairs. I'll check back with you tomorrow with a report of the day's activities. Wish me luck on the 2nd day of the tournament.

I think we are going to need it.


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