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Nov 13, 2015

Drama Queen??

It seems that we have several people vying for the position of Drama Queen at our house, but our real Drama Queen is not anxious to give up her title.

Prima Donna is all about drama now. Nearly all of her classes have something to do with Theater. What a fun way to spend her senior year after years of hard work finishing up all of her required classes early. And you all know she is in the musical playing next week, but did you know she sings in the A Capella choir at school too? She has never been an alto before, but she has a tremendous range and we are happy to say she can now harmonize with the best of us.

Sport is also very dramatic! Everything is the end of the world for him, especially on the volleyball court. He just is in that "I want everyone to notice me phase..."

Scout has really gotten into the dramatics or should I say the hysterics lately. She has this annoying whining voice that I just have to block out and never give in to. She will be 10 next week and I'm hoping those double digits will help her grow out of this phase. It's not working for her anyway.

And last, but certainly not least, is Baby Doll. This girl has some sass! Lately I mentioned to her that she would always be my baby so now she will curl up in a little ball and give me the "Goo-goo, gaa-gaa" thing.

It's so interesting watching the personalities of each child develop. In some ways they are so alike, but in others they are so incredibly different.


Denise said...

all of them are awesome.

LeAnn said...

I do relate to the drama in ones home. My problem is that I have a few of my children that still exhibit a lot of drama. It has increased through the years. It is fun to watch ho children's personalities develop. Blessings and hugs!


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