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Dec 13, 2012

Second Quarter and Counting

Once again I'm playing along with the yearly recap. You know, these posts take me forever to write. I love rereading about all the craziness of the past year!

April was a crazy busy month! I had quite a few guest posts by various people. One of our biggest deals was finishing up our 6-week no sugar challenge. I paid those who participated $10 each. So proud of the ones who managed to make it! We took the kids on a mini vacation to Vernal over Spring Break. They loved the new quarry and the Dinosaur Museum. I also wrote about some jeans I really wanted to earn when I was 14. My little brother reminded me that I needed to write more about when we were kids, so that series about my first job was the result. My favorite post is about the Dog Walker and free food. You've got to read that one to believe it!

April and May were huge graduation months for us. Teach and the Drama Queen both graduated from university and the Dog Walker graduated from high school. We also had all the excitement from Sport winning the slogan contest for the bike helmets. We also enjoyed the Scout-o-Rama which I have to mention since you know how big of a deal scouts is for us. There are plenty of fun posts this month including our trip out of town to my dad's house, but my favorite one has got to be the same as Curly's favorite one. A jumping contest! Guess who won...

June was full of baseball, birthdays, and dance performances. We had a big graduation party for all three of our graduates. You all know I'm a sucker for a good ballgame, so I think my favorite post would have to be when we went to the Bees game. Real Cracker Jack, my family around me, and an awesome play at home...it doesn't get any better than that!


Mrs. Match said...

Whew, sounds like a very busy month. Ha, I love that Sonic gave him the free fries, even though it was for Arbys. I think that was very kind of them!

Nicole said...

Holy cow, a 6-week no sugar challenge? I think I'd totally flop out there. But awesome!!

Emmy said...

Those were busy months for you! Lots of graduations. Baseball games are definitely a lot more fun to watch in person than on TV. My kids loved going to the Angels game... it did also help that it was my husband's work party and so there was unlimited food at it.

I remember that free food one.
Great recap once again.


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