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Apr 26, 2012


I knew Teach was special from the time she was a little girl. Maybe it was her awesome blue eyes or her sparkly white teeth (she just whitened them again!), but I'm pretty sure it is that huge grin you see on her face. It's a rare day that you see a picture of her without one.

Teach is an amazing friend. In elementary school, she won the Kindness Award every year for her willingness to help her fellow students. As a first grader, it was common for her to be at another kid's desk, explaining the assignment or showing them the proper steps. Even at 6, Teach was a natural born teacher.

I'm pretty sure she knew it too. Other than a very brief period when she wanted to be a Vet, she has always wanted to be a teacher. We tease her a little about her "teacher voice," but I love the fact that I can count on her to turn every situation into a learning environment.

She has always been an amazing student. In Middle School she earned all A grades for all three years. Her high school grades were almost as good (darn Mr. Crump!). She followed her teaching dream into the FACS department and signed herself up as a preschool teacher. She worked for two years in the Bingham preschool and daycare. She was chosen to be a Sterling Scholar in that department and she devoted her service hours for her Girl Scout Gold Award to the preschool as well. Yes, Teach was a teacher through and through.

She graduated from Bingham in 2009 with her associate's degree from SLCC tucked in her back pocket. Three years and not one penny in debt later, Teach is graduating from UVU with her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.

I'm so proud of her for following her dream! Happy Graduation Day, Teach. Love you to pieces...Mom

Her Teaching Cohort at UVU

The Traditional High School Musical Jump


Amanda said...

Congratulations Teach! It is wonderful to see natural born leaders with our children!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your daughter Teach..Not many people know their path from the get go looks like she did..>All your kids are exceptional must be because you and your hubby love and teach them of your faith, family! Utah has the highest high school gradaution rate in all the USA you also have the running start program so one can attend college while still in high school thereby saving precious time and money getting thru their bachelors degrees..Too bad other states don't respect education like Utah does, bravo to your daughter Teach and congratulations to you her Mother and to your hubby her Dad!!!!!!!!

Crystal Pistol said...

Congrats to both of you. Teach has a lovely, happy face. It's obvious she's fun to be around. I'll bet she students will love her to pieces. :)

Marci said...

Congratulations, Teach! I worked in a preschool during my years in high school, and wish I had followed that dream. I LOVED my time in the preschool, but I also loved the time I spent as a peer tutor in our special ed classroom. Once I got to BYU and realized that Special Ed Teachers really just deal with paperwork and have meetings all the time I changed to something else, but there are a lot of times I still wish I had gone into teaching.


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