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Apr 29, 2012

Scripture Silliness

I think I've told you before that we gather the kids together every night and read scriptures and have prayer as a family before bed. Sometimes it's difficult to get them to settle down and pay attention (even if you have a church pew in your living room!).

So tonight they actually came together pretty quickly and Prima Donna started to read. For some reason, Princess had a bottle of fingernail polish and she decided to paint Baby Doll's toenails bright pink even though she had fallen asleep in my lap. It only took her about three or four verses to transform all those tiny toes, and then she set out to find her next victim.

The Dog Walker was lying on the pew, following along in his own copy, just hoping I would call on him to read. Princess gave me a look and I gave her the nod and she inched her way along the floor until she was sitting next to the Dog Walker's feet. Slowly and carefully she pulled out the brush and got to work.

I looked over at my sweetie and he had noticed the silliness. Both of us were grinning, trying not to attract attention, and above all not to laugh out loud. Soon the other kids caught wind of what was going on, so I quickly called on the Dog Walker to read just to keep him distracted.

By then everyone was silently giggling. I'm pretty sure by then the Dog Walker knew what was up, but he played along. When he finished the chapter, he sat up and gave his toes a horrified look. Then he pretty much screamed like a little girl (sorry Drama Queen, but he's quite the actor), and we were all finally able to let out the laughs we had been holding in.

Yeah...good times...


Dog-Walker said...

I don't think that was really funny when I didn't notice until after.

Marci said...

This reminds me of a time that my niece insisted that her daddy (my brother) get his toenails painted too! As my sister-in-law painted her own nails, Paige wanted hers done too, and then since everybody else had pink toes she wanted daddy to get them as well! It was great when they showed up for dinner at our house and my brother (who is 6'5 and manly) had just his big toe nails painted pink! We made sure to take pictures!


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