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Dec 29, 2012

Guest Blog: Playing with Dolls by Sweetie

My wife had an amazing trousseaux when we got married including a rather large collection of baby dresses and shoes. As a teenager she loved to plan for her future family and she bought clothes (mostly dresses and shoes) for her future babies. I still remember when we brought home little Bossy, our firstborn.

My wife was a bit emotional and exhausted and started crying that she didn’t dare change the baby's clothes because she was afraid she might break… I took the baby and suggested she get some sleep. Somehow I managed to change her clothes. When I took her back to her mom… it all started. If I could change Bossy and she wouldn’t break, well… the poor baby had to try on about 15 outfits that night, one right after another.

It’s twenty-eight years later and you would think she would be over it.  NOT!!  The only difference is now she orders the dolls to dress themselves. Sandy loves to go to Kohls, buy a bunch of good deals, and come home and make the kids do a fashion show. Today she went a bit nuts on some skirts.**Note from Sandy** (I did NOT go nuts, these skirts were almost all less than $5 each!)

When Princess tried getting away with, "They're all the same size," she threatened to take them back. And then she got the bright idea to take a picture of each and every new skirt…

As for me, I just pay for the doll clothes.. never participate…and I have no idea how 8 new Broncos shirts in various sizes got in the cart either...  

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