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Dec 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12

The Prima Donna came into the office just before midnight where I was working on the computer. "Why aren't you in bed?" I asked. "I just gotta stay up until 12:12:12:12:12," she enthused. Some days this girl drives me a little crazy. "Oh good," I said, "That gives you 15 minutes to brush my hair." I handed her the brush and turned back to the paper I was trying to edit for the Dog Walker.

She absently began brushing. Thirty seconds later she said, "What are we gonna do to celebrate?" I sighed. "Celebrate what?" I was getting a bit irritated. It was late and I still had a million things to do before I would be able to sleep."The 12s!" she insisted. Then she started throwing out ideas. My concentration was definitely at an end.

Finally I stopped her babbling. "How about we sing 'Happy Birthday'?" I suggested. "Perfect!" she agreed. I turned back to my paper but had barely found my place when she said, "Which clock are we going by?" This time I sighed pretty loudly and she sat down on the floor to wait out the final four minutes.

When the clock on my computer flipped to 12, I gave her the signal and we both began to sing. It was a little silly, I know, but after that she gave me a hug and went to bed, and now at 2:12 I can head off myself.

Cupcakes from Prima Donna's actual birthday party in 2011.
Happy 12/12/12. Do something fun today. I'm pretty sure none of us are going to live to see this particular date again.

Maybe we should have done something a little more exciting...

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LeAnn said...

Oh how I loved this one. I really hadn't thought about doing a celebration but I think I will break out our Chocolate Donuts from the freezer and have a party tonight. I have my 21 yearold Granddaughter living with us; so this should be fun.
Blessings and keep enjoying the moments of this season.


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