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Dec 17, 2012

Festival of Trees Around the House

Our family tree...yes, it's real. I'm in big trouble for forgetting to water it.
Family Room
Here is our annual Christmas Tree post! As you know from last year, the kids love to put up trees in their bedrooms. We have a huge box of homemade ornaments and some of them go that route, but others like to be more creative and make trees that match their own personalities. Princess decorated hers with old pointe shoes and ballerina stuff.

Baby Doll
She also helped Baby Doll with her brand new pink tree. Last year she had a tiny one, but this year she is all grown up and can have a little tree of her own.

The kids also pulled out my little Tupperware tree and put it up in the family room now that I am mostly on vacation for the rest of the year.

We do have a rule about cleaning your room before you can put up your tree. Unfortunately, I haven't been around lately to see if anyone needs to have a removal. Those little tree eviction notices are very sad and they usually prompt a pretty quick clean up.

Crafty and Scout - eviction notice pending
I know the Drama Queen has a beautiful, full-sized tree at her apartment because when we were there last week, she only had about three decorations on it and they were all Halloween themed. The kids felt bad for her so they made her a bunch of little wreaths to hang on it when she was home this weekend.

Maybe she can upload a pictures for us too. Hope your December is happy and healthy.

Dog Walker - eviction notice pending...

Princess and Teach - eviction notice pending...

Sport and Curly

Prima Donna


Natalie Ockey said...

I like this idea. I should let my boys have their own trees. Maybe next year! I also like the eviction notices based on keeping their room clean . . . good encouragement for a clean house.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Amazing and definitely beautiful!
Merry Christmas....


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