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Dec 5, 2012

Light the Tree

Scout is my 10th child to go through the 1st grade and she is the first one to be invited to participate in an event like this one. You know she was in the 1st grade program last week with her friends? Well, shortly after that, the 1st grade classes in our school were invited to help decorate the tree for Zion's Bank. Each class made ornaments and Scout's class made little snowflakes.

Then today all of the classes were invited to go to Zion's Bank and sing before the lights were turned on. We were some of the first ones there and Scout got a seat right beside the tree. (She is the one with wet hair looking at the camera. Yeah, I know, I'm a great mom...) They only had about a third of the kids show up, but that was still 50 kids!

After they sang four songs, Santa came in ringing his bells and offering to light up the tree. They threw the switch and everyone clapped. Then the president of the bank presented a check to the school for the kids' participation! They served cookies and candy canes on our way out the door.

Have you ever heard of a bank doing something like that? Scout thought it was pretty cool. I thought it was rather reminiscent of the 1st grade program...lots of cute kids and VERY crowded!

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