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Dec 27, 2012

Gift Wrapping

I bet you are a little confused when I said yesterday I missed the Dec 25 date...so I want to explain that because I was confused too. It turns out that the Dog Walker was determined that I should write my post on the actual date of Christmas, but I was slow getting going and the girls and I were still sitting at the piano when the clock ticked down to midnight. He came in the office, sat down at my computer, and published an empty post! Then he reopened it and left it sitting there for me to write.

I came in, thinking maybe I had already started the post, and gave you the details. So if you saw an empty post, I'm sorry!

The Dog Walker and I are alike in many ways, we both want to post every day, we both like exercise video games (I played my first games of Just Dance 4 yesterday and I got 4 stars the first time!), and we both love basketball.

But there are some things where our thoughts are vastly different. Like see this stack of packages? They are nothing like the gifts I wrap. I wrap quickly and simply, with store-bought paper, no bows. His packages are amazing! I hope you can see them.

Every shoe box that comes into the house, by default, finds its way to the Dog Walker's bedroom. Then when he needs a gift for a birthday or some other occasion, he spends hours wrapping the box so it will still open. By that I mean that he wraps the lid and the box separately in 8 1/2 x 11 usually colored paper. This year he really outdid himself. He made his own paper (using huge amounts of toner from my printer).

That yellow one up there was for Princess. Her favorite color is yellow, so he took one of her favorite CDs, found an online picture of the cover and then made it black and white and printed it hundreds of times on several pieces of her paper. Then when he made his bow, he wrote Taylor Swift all over it so that it matched the paper!

I have to confess I don't believe I have ever spent that kind of time wrapping a single package in my entire life, but he was very proud of them and asked me to share them with you. It was pretty inventive, but not all that cheap given the cost of the ink.

He could probably become a professional gift wrapper although even with all of our many feet, eventually he would run out of shoe boxes...and toner.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those presents are beautiful!! The best wrapping job I have ever seen


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