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Dec 23, 2012

Guest-Blogger Forgotten Carols by Dog Walker

I remembered that Mom and Dad told us that they went to see the Forgotten Carols last year. So this year, they asked us to come see it in person. All of us, children got to watch it on a movie at home, but this time, we got to go see it at Cottonhills High School. Its auditorium was really huge, it was like going to an NBA arena. The Forgotten Carols worked kind of like in the movie, except it added some parts that weren't in the movie. It was fun to hear lots of good songs in it.

Right when the play was over, we got to stay in for some special thing of what Michael McLean did. He talked about why he made up the musical called Forgotten Carols. He also got to sing his carol that he thought of. Then another one about his granddaughter always wanting a cupcake dress. Then we got to sing along to one more song that we repeated like twelve times.

Then when we were free to leave the auditorium, we left it, and then we danced around the huge pit by the cafeteria while waiting for the others to come out of the restrooms. We were heading out to our vehicles, then we noticed the cast of the Forgotten Carols at the front desk signing autographs. It would've been fun to meet the cast, but it was way too long of a line, so we just saw them and left. We love the Forgotten Carols. It helps us want to feel the spirit while we're feeling happy about it. We might be able to have our own carols anytime soon.

With the Forgotten Carols being 21 years old for them, Michael McLean has made up a new musical called Threads. It would be fun to see it. Maybe someday we'll see it.

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Arkansas Patti said...

Have not heard of the Forgotten Carols. I will check it out.
Christmas morning must be delightful in such a large family.
Wishing a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2013 for you all.


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