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Dec 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve

Bossy's family joined us tonight for a little holiday cheer and to open a few early Christmas gifts including our traditional pjs. Teach insisted on a somber, grumpy pic, but I much prefer the top one with most of us smiling.
Then we opened the gifts from Sport. He has been working with his dad in the garage for weeks making something special for all of us.
The kids waited (mostly) patiently for him to pass them out to everyone. Then they all dug in together.

Aren't these little basketball games cute? I'm thinking I see another pack meeting project...

And I got to open this, a bright pink basketball! Yeah, it's been an amazing Christmas already.


Natalie Ockey said...

I love those basketball hoops. My boys would love them! Maybe Randy can figure out how to build them. I also love that top picture with everyone smiling!

Sara Hammond said...

I love that Gamer looks the same in both pics! Merry Christmas!


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