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Dec 31, 2012

Enjoying the Holiday

OK, I admit it. We've been messing around, just enjoying the holidays. On Saturday my sweetie was all worried because Drama Queen has been trying to move a love seat to her apartment for about the last two months and we just haven't managed to find the time to help her. He was convinced that we had to accomplish this task before he went back to work on Wednesday.

It could have been easy. He could have had her just load it into her truck, then drive the 70 or so miles to her apartment with the Dog Walker and unload it and come back. But what fun was that???

Instead he asked me to get hotel rooms for an overnight stay on Sunday. So after church we loaded up the kids and overnight bags, the love seat, food and games for the evening (and our swimming suits, of course) and we headed out of town.

We arrived at our small-town destination just after 3:00. We dropped off her love seat at her apartment first and then we headed downtown to check into our motel. It was cold! There was ice and snow everywhere and we were a little disappointed to see that the swimming pool was set up in what looked like a greenhouse. That meant we had to change at the pool in the restrooms or else run across the parking lot in our wet things.

But we had paid to swim and enjoy time with our kids and we weren't about to miss out. Some of us chose my way...I changed at the pool and then changed again before heading to the room. And some did what Princess did, wear jeans over her wet suit with a coat to get back to the room. And some did what my crazy sweetie recommended which was to just make the polar run in a wet suit! OK, he was the only one, thank goodness.

We spent the evening with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, popcorn, and peppermint kisses. We played games and cards and watched a little food network. About 11:00 we sent the kids to their rooms and I read to my sweetie for a little while. It was so fun to just run away for a day. I'm so grateful that we can afford to do that every once in a while.

We could have done a bigger, splashier Christmas instead, but as I've gotten older, I'm starting to realize that the most important things are time spent together and memories shared. I'm kind of hoping we can afford to make this a new family tradition.

Minus the polar run...


Marci said...

oh man, that sounds perfect! love that you all got to spend time together, that is the most important part!

Saimi said...

Little get aways are so fun glad you and your family were able to have some 'get away' time together - but polar run...burrr...no thanks - I'm with you, cover up with jeans works!

Happy New Year!!

Cindy said...

Oh, but the polar run makes for a great story!! :)

Happy New Year!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Sara Hammond said...

What is in his mouth?

Polar run could have been worse-open sky over the pool!

Mom of 12 said...

He was actually sucking on an icicle! He wanted the kids to know he just wasn't that cold...although he has a nasty cold now (big surprise).


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