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Dec 13, 2012

Dancing the Night Away

We had so much fun at the dance recital on Tuesday night!  Here are some fun pictures of all of our wonderful dancers.
Scout is right in the middle. Can you believe she has gotten so big?

That's Curly. His class consists of him and 14 cute little girls!

Curly and Scout

Prima Donna
Princess in the middle


Shana said...

Great photos!!

Emmy said...

How awesome!! And how fun that they all got to dance in the same recital. And yes definitely something to be proud of!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Oh my goodness. Can they be any cuter!!

Kmama said...

What fun! I used to love dance...but with 2 boys and a 3rd on the way, it's not really in our future. I am always sitting at at the baseball field or a hockey rink! ;-)

Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me.


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