May 31, 2023

Memorial Day Weekend (Monday)

I have finally recovered from the weekend enough to tell you about it. We started with a photography contest for the 4 kids we had with us, Dog Walker, Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll. We were traveling in tandem with Bossy's family. Eventually, Burrito and Skittles ended up in the van with us.

We started in Nephi, where Bossy and her family were already there, having a little picnic.

Then we were back on the road for Axtell. I love this old cemetery!

Although I don't love pics of myself, this is a great reminder of my roots. My great Aunts and Uncle are all buried here as well as my great grandparents. The entire cemetery is covered in rocks and beautiful stones.

Then we stopped in Centerfield where my grandma and grandfather are buried.

Sometimes my sweetie just looks so good!

Then it was Ephraim and a quick tour of my childhood home before we stopped at the cemetery and Baby Doll took this pic of my mom's grave.

Then we were quickly off to Spring City which is likely the oldest cemetery we visit, mostly based on the size of the trees.

Our final cemetery for the day had to wait until we had a little visit with grandma.

Time for Mt Pleasant cemetery!

Then we hit the playground!!

Time for dinner at the Dairy Freeze.

Finally, 90 minutes plus traffic and we are home and ready for bed. A long, but fun day.

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