Jul 22, 2022

Traveling Together - Epic Girl Scout Trip, Day 2

We didn't get back to our hotel rooms until nearly midnight, so some of the girls struggled to get up early. The free breakfast at the hotel only went until 9:30 and since we had lots to see on the way home, I wanted to be on the road by about 10.

We didn't quite make it, but we made good time and we got to Cove Fort only about a half an hour past our itinerary plan. We even had time to watch a little movie in the Hinckley cabin before we entered the fort.

Cove Fort was a waystation for weary travelers, not a fort for fighting. It is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gave us an amazing look into pioneer life in Utah.

After about an hour of exploring, we loaded everyone up and headed for our next stop, the Fremont Indian Museum.

The girls loved this one!

Especially the play area.

We watched a movie there too...

And we went on a little hike to see the hieroglyphics. 

The girls climbed down into an actual pithouse and then we ate lunch at some little picnic tables before climbing into the van. We had to hurry! Our last historical stop was almost ready to close.

We arrived at the Territorial Statehouse State Park in Fillmore at 4:30. That only gave us half an hour to tour this beautiful structure. I love looking at the hundreds of framed pictures on the walls and learning about the area that was supposed to be our State Capitol before they moved it to Salt Lake City.

We made one more stop for ice cream at Rowley's Red Barn in Santaquin. Not sure how I missed getting a pic there, but we were all definitely tired and ready to be home. Thankfully we had less than an hour to go. So much fun and amazing memories. I sure love these girls!

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