Jun 18, 2022

Spring Recital 2022

I always love watching my kids perform, on the stage or on the court; doesn't matter. When Baby Doll was so busy with volleyball, I wasn’t sure if we would get the opportunity to watch her dance again, so the recital tonight was really something special. Her first number was tap.

I'm sure you already know, but she is the one right in the middle.

Her next number was ballet.

So beautiful! I wish I had better pictures. I'm glad they always film it all for us.

Her final number was jazz. This one, I should have filmed myself. It was so much fun!

Love this pic. Sorry it is a little blurry.

The perfect jump into summer! Awesome as usual, Baby Doll.

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Dog-Walker said...

It sure looks fun to watch. Wish I could've been there.