Jun 1, 2022

Makeover for Scout

 Remember last month when Baby Doll had her makeovers? Today was Scout's turn! 

We had planned to go a month ago, but then I got sick and things just didn't work out... until today.

I made an appointment for 4:30 at a place that was not our usual spot. Unfortunately, when we got there, there was already someone waiting who made an appointment for the same time, and there was only one stylist. We literally waited for an hour for our turn. That gave us a chance to look for something really nice.

Did I ever tell you that Scout is a fan of the old TV series, Friends? She has posters and swag and she loves the look, so I suggested we look for a Jennifer Aniston hairstyle that would look good on her. She was nervous, because we were talking about taking off at least 5 inches from the back and framing her face.

But I was not wrong.

Big reveal...She looks fabulous!

I'm getting pretty good at this. Who wants amakeover? You have to pay for it, but I am happy to help you choose the perfect style.😉

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