Jun 3, 2022

Last Beach Party

Way back in the day, when The Beast was in 5th grade (just for perspective, he is 35 now), I planned and carried out my very first Beach Party. It was all out crazy, with treats donated from McDonalds and Golden Spoon Yogurt (remember that place?) We gave out candy and popcorn and gift cards, all donated from local businesses and gathered by me. 

Through the years, I have helped with every Beach Party all the way down to Baby Doll (except for Dog Walker, he went to a different school). So when she asked me to be a mom helper for her, how could I say no? Thank goodness, I had Dog Walker to help me and an amazing revamped Plinko Board courtesy of Elder Sport (he was just Sport then...)

I bought treats for winners and participants and my booth was located on the stage. Baby Doll was really good at winning, but some of the other kids struggled. Tootsie rolls were the treats and to win a bouncy ball, they had to hit the tiny prize section.

I had so many kids come by (remember, we have four 5th grade classes) that I gave away every ball but one. It was fun and crazy, just like my first Beach Party, but I have to say that I am pretty ok with it being my last. 

Tomorrow is the last day of school and next year will be Baby Doll's last in elementary school. They just grow up so fast!

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Dog-Walker said...

Did something change within me?