Oct 30, 2014

Writer's Block

See that super tall clarinet in the middle? That's Prima Donna.
I'm just not feeling it today. I know that's a poor excuse for not chatting with you, but my life has been a bit more chaotic than usual (you didn't think that were possible, did you?). It's just that my garden froze and Bossy and I have been trying to save as much of our harvest as possible.

So today I put up beets, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, and I picked and juiced 2 more buckets of grapes. I also took a trip to Utah County to deliver a bunch of Tupperware and return the dress Princess borrowed for the DYW Scholarship pageant.

And we had a concert for Fajita and Prima Donna. Even with all of Bossy's help I've been swamped. I still have 2 batches of tomatoes to run through the canner, but I'm putting them in the fridge and going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm tired.

Wow! That sounds super-whiney. I promise to be more positive tomorrow. :)

Hmmm. How's this? "I'm positive I'll be more whiney tomorrow."

Just kidding...


LeAnn said...

I personally think you deserve to be whinny; how do you do it all?
I get exhausted just reading about all you are doing.
Prayers and blessings for you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you get some good shut eye you will feel better and can handle the canning you need to finish..Brrrr..sounds like winter is on it's way in your Utah area? Snow and Ice can ruin crops in the wink of any eye..I admire how you can and cook and attend your many childrens' and grandchildrens activites..Perhaps you can enlist your older children to help you finish the canning so you can catch your breath..take care of yourself! God's Blessings..ciao

Denise said...

Wow, you are a very busy bee.