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Oct 23, 2014

Go Grizzlies!

We are still reaping the rewards of all of our summer reading. Last night we took the kids to the Grizzlies hockey game. It wasn't quite as easy as it was supposed to be. When I mailed in my free passes, I also included my 3 passes from the Scouting Expo so the adults could be free as well as the kids.

I wasn't sure how they would feel about that, so yesterday I called the management office to make sure everything was in order before we took all the kids down to the Maverik Center. After a couple of additional calls, we were assured that all was well.

Unfortunately, when we stopped at Will Call to pick up our tickets, they couldn't find them.

So we stood around for 10 minutes until someone from management came in and said to just comp them all! It was the right thing to do, but I was still pretty worried that it wasn't going to work out and we would just have to go back home.

We enjoyed the game. It was a light turnout. Sport even caught a t-shirt they threw into the crowd! Sadly, the Grizzlies lost to Colorado in overtime, but on the FUN scale, it was definitely a win.


Marci said...

We went to a hockey game a week ago! How fun!!!

Denise said...

Sounds fun.

LeAnn said...

I love your family adventures and the fact that you are able to get free passes. You are awesome and such a blessing to your family!


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