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Oct 3, 2014

I Feel It Coming On

Here it is.

I feel it coming on. I just have this huge need to unload. Are you ready?



I feel better now, thanks for listening.

I am having a hard time remembering my life being more complicated than it is right now. I know it was, like back when I was a young mom with only three or four kids I was working 3 jobs and still managing to mostly get the laundry done and keep the house clean. Funny, I don't remember cooking much when we lived in that apartment...

I'm pretty sure Scout wore the same pair of pink shorts to school today for the third day in a row! The Dog Walker has been in charge of laundry for the last couple of weeks, but he does it a little differently that I do. For instance, Bossy opened up the dryer yesterday and informed me that the Dog Walker had just finished washing and drying an entire batch of FOLDED socks!.

Now I know that occasionally clean clothes get thrown in the dirty pile, but come on, wouldn't those be easy to spot? So I asked him about it and he just gave me this wide smile that I see when he is pretending to not know anything. His idea was to fold them before washing and then the pair would stay together.

It sounds like a great idea until you realize that folded socks have a much easier time coming clean if they aren't all knotted up and rolled.

OK, Ladies and Gents, It's after 2:00 AM and I'm getting a little punchy.
I've enjoyed our time today. Thanks for stopping by. You are an amazing listener. Maybe next time I will let you do a little more talking.


Anonymous said...

I do not know how you do what you do with the large family you still have living at home..You probably thrive on activity and work and God's Graces...I like to keep busy but washing tons of loads of clothes, dishes by the busheful is not my idea of that, but I do cook, bake and roast 4 days a week non-stop in a food panty/food place..I keep up my energy from the looks and smiles of people hungry for food and someone to give a hoot about them..Plus they do work jobs but they don't make enough for all that they need to live, they never complain about my entrees, rolls, foods I bring in Hams and Turkeys or Pork, never they are grateful souls with looks of the Lord..I applaud you as a wonderful Mother and you are a great teacher to your children, if only other parents could do what you do daily for your children the juvenile justice systems in every community of our state would be empty..Most parents abdicate their role of parenting yes they do..I read your blog daily and think your just the bees knees and pray for you daily and I am not of your faith! but it should not matter we are all children of God are we not? have a most restful weekend and cioa()X()

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, this brought a huge LOL moment. That was so funny. I love is rational on folding the socks first. It would probably help with those lost socks we all have.
You do need a rest my dear; I just don't know how you do. You are a super Mom and much more.
Blessings, love and hugs and more sleep for you!

Marci said...

If I had that many socks to wash I would be totally tempted to do what Dog Walker did!

I have often wondered how you do it! I seem to always be so behind on laundry, dishes, and cleaning and I only have one kid! You are amazing, Sandy!! I hope you get to relax a little and watch/listen to General Conference this weekend!

mommeeof10 said...

You mean socks get matched? I match enough every morning for the day. Sometimes, when I am feeling very ambitious, I bring a basket of laundry to my office, to sort between work phone calls.


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