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Oct 26, 2014

Go for the Gold!

Have I told you that I am the Higher Awards Specialist for our Oquirrh Community of Girl Scouts? It's usually a pretty easy job. I just get to be the cheerleader for a bunch of girls who might be interested in earning higher awards. But yesterday was different.

A couple of months ago, Princess and Prima Donna went with me to the annual calendaring meeting for the Oquirrh Community. If you remember, they are both Delegates for that group. So we started knocking around a few ideas about how to get the older girls excited to earn these special awards. Elementary-aged girls earn a Bronze Award, the middle school girls earn a Silver Award, and the high school girls earn the Gold Award. Well, the breakdown isn't exactly like that, but it's close enough to give you the picture.

Anyway, my girls settled on an idea. They wanted to plan an activity for the girls and get them excited. When we put it on the calendar it seemed so far away, but as the days sped by, it crept up on me. I've been working on it along with Princess (Prima Donna has been awol because of the play).

Princess planned most of the activities and I helped her execute them. We had an opening ceremony that didn't work out well because we forgot one of the cords to run the sound system so we just decided to do it at the closing ceremony which was fine.

The whole activity was centered around the Olympics and each of the three badge stations had 3 activities to work on. They were mini service projects that included tying fleece blankets, making earrings for the Festival of Trees, and beadie animal kits for Primary Children's Medical Center.

When the projects were done, we all met back in the gym for a dance party and then the informational part of the activity. It seems that all of Princess's creativity had sparked some ideas in the about 40 girls who were there. Then they all enjoyed Princess's cupcakes and we sent them home so we could clean up.

I'm so glad it's over! Now it's on to the next big thing...


Denise said...

Go Princess Go.

LeAnn said...

Wow, that sounded like a well orchestrated activity. You are all amazing; I think I have said that before.
Blessings and hugs for all!


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