Oct 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend

I just love General Conference weekend! My kids call it "Church on TV," so we don't have to dress up and go out. That is good and bad for me because I tend to try to multi-task through just like 98% of my life.

On Saturday we still had football and Nutcracker practice. Princess was in charge of the Potato Derby at the Farmers' Market so we supported her with that. My sweetie made a big pot of chili and we tried canning around him. The Gym Rat brought his sweet girlfriend over so she got a good lesson in making stewed tomatoes, beets, and applesauce while the guys all attended the Priesthood session.

We had hot scones for them when they got home and we all enjoyed their conference report. I had another late night trying to get everything through the pressure cooker before bed, cleaning the kitchen and doing my financial report for Girl Scouts. I finally put one batch of bottles in the fridge and ran them through during the session this morning. I was just so tired!

Bossy has promised to give you the canning process for the stewed tomatoes later in the week. She took pictures but they are all in her phone.

Today my sweetie got up and made French toast for everyone and we served it with the fresh applesauce. I organized the laundry-folding party for the morning session and when Bossy showed up, would you believe it? She offered to fold ALL the socks!!


She seriously matched socks for almost 6 hours. It was so nice to get all the laundry out of the way. My sweetie and I slipped away between sessions and wrapped all of Baby Doll's gifts.We had her birthday party tonight even though she won't actually be 4 until Tuesday. She was so excited!

She loves My Little Pony and Drama Queen took her to the new movie yesterday so we made her a "Pinkie Pie" cake. It was strawberry with pink and purple frosting, pink candles, and ponies on the top.

Prima Donna made her this cute little pony outfit complete with horn and a tail. Now I've got Halloween covered.

Now I'm trying to get my act together and prepare for the week. Scout, Sport, and Curly went off-track on Friday, so hopefully I will be looking at a little easier week.

Or not...


Marci said...

What a great weekend! We loved General Conference (at least the parts Emma let us watch/listen to). Each time someone in a suit came up to the pulpit she folded her arms like it was time for a prayer-I think she was just a LITTLE confused :)

Bonus points to Bossy for offering to fold all the socks! That is love right there! I thought that I remembered laundry folding as a tradition for your family during conference, glad you were able to get that done!

And Happy Birthday (a day early!) to Baby Doll! Can't believe she is 4!

LeAnn said...

I don't recall you have any easier week. I love that you manage to do more than one thing at a time during conference.
The scones sounded really yummy; I am sure they all enjoyed that.
I am happy you got your socks matched. I can't even picture how many pairs of socks you would have to fold.
Blessings for this one; it was fun!

Gamer said...

Trust me you didnt want to see the HUGE pile of socks my wife Bossy sorted and matched and folded all during conference.