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Oct 16, 2014

Down Week

So here you have it. My one claim to fame for the day. I actually made 9 quarts of grape jelly and dinner... usually on canning days I don't make dinner, so I was feeling pretty good about it.

My sweetie has been home all week and he was way more productive than me. He has been cleaning cars, making my hat patterns for the Pinewood Derby next month, and just doing general maintenance around the house.

I've been having my down week. The one where I try to relax a little and pull my life together. I'm not doing a very good job. I sit in front of my desk and stare at the pile of paperwork that screams for my attention. I was supposed to get Princess's car through inspection and emissions while she was gone this week. And I just discovered the birthday invitation for Curly that I never put on the calendar and he missed last Saturday.

Remember my Saturday? But I still would have made it happen. Somehow.

Ohhh, I'm starting to sound whiney. I'm sorry. It must be time for bed. One thing I have been doing pretty well this week is sleeping. :)

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