Oct 28, 2014

Guest Blog: Bingham Ball by Prima Donna

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go to my first high school dance.  It was our formal girls pref, commonly known as Sadies, but we call it Bingham Ball.

Here in Utah, "promposals" are a big thing.  So about three weeks ago.  I chose my date and left a huge bag of popcorn on his doorstep.  Classy.  Three days later I got a reply with candy corn.  (We're so corny...)  After, weeks of stressing about my hair and my dress, the day finally arrived.  Teach was a huge help.  First of all she let me borrow her prom dress from high school and she did my hair.  I felt like a princess.

I was so nervous.  Everything went great!  Almost...

Dinner was way cool.  Since its "girl prom" you're supposed to go to a fancy dinner but since when do high-schoolers have money for stuff like that?  So we went to the local Zupas.  A girl in our group bribed her little brother and his friends to be our waiters.  They had a corner reserved for us with tablecloths and roses.  And the food was cheap and scrumptious which is always a plus.

We headed for the ball.  It was at the State Capitol and it was so pretty and very loud!!  It was so fun, though.  The dance was by far the best part of the night.  Then things started going downhill.

We got out to the car and Princess realized she had left her lights on for almost 3 hours!!  The car was completely dead.  Thankfully, a nice couple saw us and were able to give us a jump.  We were on our way to the after party when we glitched again but this time it was a human error. There was a miscommunication in our group about which house the after party was at and we showed up at the wrong house.  Yeah, that was awkward...

Overall, it was a great memorable experience and I had so much fun.  My date kept me laughing all night and it was such a blast!


Gamer said...

Both you girls look amazing! Funny to see how much taller Prima Donna is over her date tho and how she had to hunch down to almost be height level with him! Glad you had a Blast!

LeAnn said...

I think it is awesome how you use the promprosal; cute ideas. It looks like you had a lovely time. In the later years the glitches will be the fun part of the stories you will share.
Blessings for a great guest blog!

Denise said...

So awesome.