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Oct 21, 2014

Field Trip!

This is the last off-track week for my elementary-aged kids. It seems like we haven't accomplished much. We haven't even cleaned their rooms yet! My sweetie took the kids on some fun field trips last week (maybe I can get Scout or Sport to post on them), but he is back to work now, so it is up to me to plan and execute the fun.

So Sport is an 11-year-old scout now and all of his troop meetings have been right over the top of football practice so he has not been able to participate. He and I met with his leader early in the season and I promised to keep him as updated as I possibly could so he wouldn't get behind. It's been hard!

We did a bunch of fun things (and some not so fun) over the weekend and then on Monday we had a field trip to the Water Conservancy Park in West Jordan. I know I've posted on this place before, but it was a totally different experience this time.

I have only been there when things have been in full bloom. It isn't that way now. They have cut back many of the plants and things are going dormant for the season. The kids didn't like it as well. The grass was prickly and the leaves were crackly, but we still had fun.

We were looking for things that were poisonous. Did you know that Iris is poisonous if you eat it? I doubt you would die, but it would make you pretty sick. Not that you are likely to be chewing on plants anytime soon, I was just trying to show off my new-found knowledge.

Sometimes I think I learn more from Scout activities than the kids do.


LeAnn said...

Looks like you had a great activity. I don't know how you keep track of all the things that each of your children need to be doing. You are amazing!
When I was doing cub scouting; I do think I learned more than the Cub Scouts.
Blessings for you all!

Denise said...

Field trips are awesome.


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