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Oct 4, 2014

Guest Blog: By the One and Only (I think I am anyways) Gamer!

OK, so I may not be the only “gamer” in the world, but I live in my own world and they know me there. Anyways back to what I was saying…. Never mind I forgot. Oh wait! So it’s been a very long time since I posted or said anything on the blog itself. So last time I talked about me was how I and “Bossy” met or first kiss or something like that.  

Today I wanted to just divulge some of my history to everyone so they can get to know me better. I am the youngest of 3 boys. I grew up in a little college retirement ranch/farming city called San Angelo, TX. It is about dead center of the state. Easiest way to find it is look on the map of TX and look for Dallas/FT Worth then head south west from there to Abilene. Now drive time that about 6 hours. Once you get there head S by SW again until you get to San Angelo. That’s 2 and half hours more. It is about 2 and half hours away from Mexico though. Another place I grew up in.  Another story for another time also.

Me in the middle
While I was growing up in this little city (if you can call it that). I had a hard time with where I fit in the family picture. My oldest brother was a star weight lifter in high school, but he had a mental disorder from his early childhood called Spinal Meningitis (fluid on the brain basically) and he mentally developed a lot slower than normal. 

My older brother was basically a sports stud. He played football in junior high and that was it. Me, on the other hand…. I loved playing sports. Football, baseball, I even did track and field in high school. I made some good friends and lost a lot. Made more than just a few mistakes in my life you could say. I wound up leaving the state after my divorce was supposed to be final to my ex wife. 

I drove trucks cross country for awhile. Ended up staying in Utah, not by my choice either. Thanks DMV for making that decision for me! Been in Utah for almost 15 years now and I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. I have made some really good friends, have an awesome family and some of the craziest in-laws I have ever seen. 

So growing up was rough for me, mom worked all the time. Dad was always drinking after work and beating the kids. Oldest Brother moved out, older brother got into drugs and gangs and I was left alone with the abuse until I moved out also. After I left Utah my dad did change. He is a different person. He and my mom stayed together for over 25 years and were never married. 

Last year was a real eye opener for me when I went back to see my mom before she passed. The only person who treated me different was my dad. Other than that nothing changed. The city was still the same. Well, except for the population growing from 98,000 to almost 104,000 in 15 years. I swear to this day, that little town is stuck in 1999. It hasn’t aged except for the people.


Anonymous said...

Just because some people in one's life don't treat them well, doesn't mean the life the good Lord wants to you will never come it did for you with your marriage to your Wife and her wonderful family..Also your children and becoming LDS..how wonderful you are happy and with a God inside your life and a loving Wife who is Godly and her amazing parents who love and care about you..I have read your daughter came to live with you and is welcomed and became a LDS member too..Utah has been very good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of God's Blessings are sent your way..I think being a Gamer is a creative way to live one's life..MANY Blessings from the Lord always, keep smiling and the good Lord will bless you and your wife and your wonderful children with wonderful blessings and happy days..Utah has lots of sunshine and dry weather lovely mountains and lovely outdoor weather, lots of dryness and happiness! ciao!

Gamer said...


LeAnn said...

Thanks for sharing your story; it was fun to know a little bit more about you. You had a rough beginning but I think you are doing wonderful. You do have a great family and very busy in -laws. I find you all amazing.
Blessings for your family!


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