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Oct 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Today was pretty crazy! We had the older kids home from school because it was end of term, but the elementary kids got to go.

Their parade started at 9:00 am and we were fortunate to even get a seat since we showed up a few minutes before. We didn't get to sit together though. Baby Doll and I were in one place and my sweetie and the Dog Walker were in a corner somewhere else.

It was fun to see the classes parade by. Obviously the most popular costumes of the day were Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Sport was a football player (such an easy costume), Scout was Elsa, and Curly was a pirate. Baby Doll was a My Little Pony again, Princess Cadence to be exact. (Don't call her Pinkie Pie, that was Prima Donna's costume!)

After the parade, I went with Sport to his class to help with the party. I was in charge of pumpkin bowling so I set up the pins (which were 2-liter soda bottles with a couple of inches of water in them) about 100 times. It was fun! Only a couple of boys hit me with the pumpkin, including my own son, thank you very much for the bruise, Sport. :)

We went over to Harmon's grocery store about 4:30. The kids loved trick-or-treating there. They were very generous. We got back home about 5:30 and told the kids to hit the streets. Bossy's kids were here and they all got started trick-or-treating. I stayed home and helped with dinner and watched Dog Walker hand out treats. He is SOOO cute with the little kids.

Grandpa showed up for dinner with treats and then he and I went down to Bossy's house with her kids so they could hit up her streets.

Now the Dog Walker is reading his English 2010 homework assignment to me while I share my cute pics with you and wait for the girls to come home. Teach, Princess, and Prima Donna are all at different parties.

Sport's playoff game is early tomorrow, so I hope the girls don't stay out too late. I'd like to sleep a little. Maybe I should take lessons from Crafty. Here she is in a sugar-induced sleep!

Did you all have a happy and safe Halloween?


Marci said...

I had the perfect Halloween for me! We ate leftovers for dinner. Emma didn't wear her costume at all on Halloween (she wore it to the library for storytime earlier in the week, and on a walk to visit some favorite neighbors). She went to bed early, and we turned all our lights off except one. We watched a documentary and I did some crafting! I am crazy and decided to handmake 3 Christmas gifts for Emma this year - two involving my sewing machine. Gotta start now if I want to be remotely close to finished by Christmas day!

LeAnn said...

Looks like another fun adventure for your family. Amazing day and fun pictures. I loved it all and I do hope you got some rest.
Blessings and have a sweet Sabbath day~

Dog-Walker said...

Marci, did you say that you wanted to see how I improvised my Sleepwalker costume? I should've sent a text to the seminary principal at Kauri Sue Hamilton to send pictures to Mom's email address, so that she can put them on the blog, but you probably saw the family photo of us at Harmon's in our costumes. :) Can't wait to put up Christmas lights.

Denise said...


Marci said...

I did see the picture! Your costume was great!! I can't wait to see pictures of your Christmas light display!


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