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Oct 24, 2014

Hall of Experiences

I was looking through my phone this morning trying to decide what to share with you when I realized I never posted on our Hall of Experiences at the National Girl Scout Convention. We had so much fun!

We were missing a few girls because it was our fall break and some of them were out of town, but we had most of them there. Princess was at her pageant, of course, so she wasn't with us either. We gathered the rest of the girls at 1:00 and drove downtown to the Salt Palace.

After checking in, we entered the Hall of Experiences. The room was huge! We started wandering. The older girls took off together one way and we kept the little ones with us. The first thing they did was make paper crowns. My favorite booth was the basketball one where they had a real court set up and we could shoot around. Bossy and I played while the other girls tried the hula hoops in the same area. I'm not much with the hula hoop, I prefer the basketball hoop.

After that we started looking for all the freebies. The girls made ceramic ornaments, sampled cookies, spun a giant wheel. They got bags and coin purses, notebooks and pencils. They made headscarves and munched on trail mix and chocolate.

They had a race car and a giant tree house in the center. My favorite part (next to playing basketball) was watching the 3 female members of the Harlem Globetrotters do tricks for us. We even got a picture of them with Scout!

Our very last activity with some of the girls was the welding simulator. Fajita, Scout, and Prima Donna all did so well that they earned t-shirts for their efforts.

It's too bad the convention only comes every 3 years and apparently about every 100 years to Utah. The girls loved it!


LeAnn said...

Wow, that did sound like a fun event. I would have gone for basketball since that is my favorite. Loved all the activities and things they did and the pictures were awesome.
Blessings for all you do!

Denise said...

Fun times.


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