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Jan 19, 2016

Winds of Change

I have finally recovered a bit from my weekend. The winds of change are blowing...

On Sunday I was called in for an interview and released from working with the Activity Days girls and immediately asked to work in the Cub Scouts, specifically the Wolf Den. I'm a little sad about that since I will miss having fun with all those cute girls, but Curly will be a Wolf in August, so I will enjoy that.

Princess has found herself a new boyfriend and is enjoying spending all of her time with him. She sent her missionary a letter explaining everything and he took it much better than I was expecting. Her new guy is already a returned missionary and he is very much like my sweetie in that he wants to be an engineer and he drives a Pontiac. OK, there are a few other similarities, but we won't go into them right now...

Curly and Scout are off track now, so we need to plan some field trips around all the wedding stuff. The only thing that isn't changing very fast is this stupid cold I've been fighting for over a week now. Even with all the extra sleep the last couple of days, I can't manage to kick it.

And other things, like selling Girl Scout cookies and coaching basketball, never seem to change.


Denise said...

please take care, praying you feel better soon.

LeAnn said...

I have had the calling of both a den leader and activity day leader. I loved them both but one a little more than the other. You will have to guess which one. I happy that Princess is happy too.
As far as your cold goes; have you ever tried Airborne, Vit. C. And Zinc. If you start it when you feel the cold coming on it can stop it in it's tracks. If you wait to start it; it will cut the duration of the cold in half. Anyway, it has always worked well for us. We always keep some on hand.
Blessings for you dear friend and I hope you feel better soon. You need to for sure with all you have to do.


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