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Jan 2, 2016

Sunday Night Blues - Except It's Saturday

You ever heard of the Sunday Night Blues? That's when you realize the weekend is almost over and it's time to go back to work so you get depressed and a little grumpy?

Well, today my sweetie woke up with a bad case of Sunday Night Blues, except it's only Saturday! He decided we still had time to actually accomplish something before school, work, dance, basketball... all that regular life stuff started up again. So we cleaned the house.

Not just the regular cleaning, but things like taking all the stuff and shelves out of the fridge for a scrub-down. He even lifted up the treadmill so he could vacuum under it. I don't believe that carpet has been vacuumed since we put the treadmill there several years ago (and just for the record, it wasn't really that dirty under there).

Drama Queen put up these fun shelves earlier this week and I love having the graduation pictures up there.

We sorted crayons and pens and threw away anything that didn't work. Yesterday Drama Queen even went through all of our movies and she took a whole load to FYE this morning and came up with $60 in credits. I'm kind of tired of having a bunch of stuff that we never use. We have a pile of things to take over to the DI next week In some ways it feels so good to unload. Kind of like getting a haircut or losing a few pounds. Both of which I need to do too.

Good thing the real world doesn't start until Monday.

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