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Jan 24, 2016

Ice Castles

Last week our dear friends around the corner gave Teach and Twiz free tickets to see Ice Castles up in Midway. It's about an hour drive from our home, but from what they told me, it is an amazing sight and well worth the drive. Some of my girls have also had the opportunity to go with their Young Women group and I heard the same thing from them. So of course when US Family Guide approached me with another promotion, i.e., free tickets to see the Ice Castles in exchange for an honest review, I immediately pulled up their production materials to see what was required. (Now remember, they have 4 sites for Ice Castles including one in Canada.)

Imagine my surprise when the first family pics I saw were of my sweet neighbor's daughter and her cute family! She used to be one of my Laurels when I was teaching in the Young Women program, and her two little ones were in the nursery when I was the nursery leader. Of course I couldn't resist adding their photo to my blog. I remembered that she and her family had gone back to Minnesota for a winter season to work on their Ice Castles display there.

I am excited for the opportunity to see what I've already heard is so awesome and if you want to go too, I can save you 15% off your admission fee. Use Code USFamily on IceCastles.coupon

Here's all the info on the Utah site and if you live closer to one of the others, you can find out all about them at their website at IceCastles.com

And guess what? The coupon works for all four sites!

The address is 2002 Soldier Hollow Road in Midway, Utah. It is open from January 8 through March depending on the weather. Times are listed on the website as well and they are open every day but Sunday.
From what I hear they have dozens of amazing ice features including archways, tunnels, slot canyons, ice slides, caverns, glacial waterfalls and even a frozen throne.

I'm thinking it sounds like a perfect Family Home Evening activity.


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This looks like a fun event. I will let my Heber kids know about it. They may already be a aware. Thanks you and wished for blessings for you,



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