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Jan 11, 2016

Another Missionary

I am so excited to report that we have another missionary in our family! Bossy was set apart today as a Church Service Missionary with the Family History Group. I don't know exactly what she will be doing, and maybe we can get her to explain better. I do know it is unusual for a young mother to receive this sort of calling, but they really wanted her because she is a genius when it comes to all things Family History.

We joined her family at their church this afternoon and then we all came back to our house for dinner and a party (first one of January!). I love having all the kids together. We also solidified wedding plans and had the girls try on their dresses. I even managed to get a great idea for altering the wedding dress (with Drama Queen's help, of course).

This week will mostly be focused on the shower on Friday and Girl Scout cookie sales which start Saturday morning. Don't worry, those of you who live near me. The girls will still come around and gather your orders. Gotta have those Samoas!

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LeAnn said...

Wow, I think that is awesome that Bossy got that new calling. I am sure she will love it. I am amazed at all of the different kinds of callings you can have. One of the things I do enjoy about your posts is the wonderful family moments you have. You really are good at having all of the family there frequently. You are blessed to have them close.
Girl Scout cookies are so good. Happy your wedding plans are moving along; so fun!


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