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Jan 3, 2016

Another Jazz Game

You know by now that I love basketball and I was excited to get another chance to see the Jazz play. When we signed up Scout, Sport, and Curly to play Jr. Jazz, they were each given two tickets to see a game. As coach of Curly's team, I also got 2 tickets. It wasn't quite enough to take the whole family, but almost.

We got there early since Sport's two tickets were in a different section and with his team. At first I couldn't convince any of the kids to go with him, so we had Baby Doll on our laps. It was pretty tight. Then my sweetie bribed Scout with kettle corn, so she went over with the boys.

The game was fun and exciting, especially the last quarter when the scored see-sawed back and forth ultimately ending in a tie game. The crowd went crazy with people standing and shouting. I think the only person in the whole arena putting on a coat was Baby Doll. She'd had enough and was ready to go home.

We convinced her it would only be a few more minutes and we settled back to enjoy one more quarter. The Jazz finally came out on top, winning by about 5 points. Our most exciting moment came in the 4th quarter when the poor guy from Memphis missed both his foul shots and the crowd roared... we all just won a free Chick Fil A sandwich.

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