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Jan 9, 2016

Planning a Single Day

Guess what we are doing?!

The invitations to the wedding reception arrived and we finally got the stickers today for the back so the three of us, me and the bride and the groom, were assembling invitations. They have so many friends in Texas and former mission companions that Teach's hand was cramped from doing all the writing.

I was in charge of the little shiny stickers (since they were my idea), and Twiz was the jack of all trades handling stamps and cutting twine, you name it, he was helping. Every time I plan a wedding I am amazed at how much goes into a single day in the lives of the happy couple.

Seriously, since Christmas, I have been mired in wedding plans every day. I've had Drama Queen as my personal assistant and we have worked really hard on the two big days, the first one, the shower, is next week. At least after that we can concentrate on just one.

Drama Queen is mostly in charge of the "Harry Potter" shower, something she and Teach have talked about for years and is finally happening, but not on the grand scale they were probably hoping for. Other than the quilts and financing the venture, I've mostly just helped settle food and been a sounding board. I did come up with the idea (and the mold) for the chocolate frogs. That's what Crafty is making in the kitchen.

But I don't really want to give away all of the secrets. You will have to tune in next weekend to see how it turns out. I did buy a huge container of gourmet jelly beans...

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LeAnn said...

Oh the wedding plans thus far sound fun. I know how hard it is to put these together. We had 4 weddings in our home and backyard and 1 in a church building. For our girls we even had two receptions one in Spokane where we lived and one in Salt Lake for friends and family from here. It looks like you have it under control. Blessings for all!


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