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Jan 10, 2016

Learning to Cook

I'm pretty sure it's no secret that I don't like to cook. Honestly, other than canning, cooking has never really given me any pleasure. It doesn't come naturally to me like it does to my sweetie. I don't get excited about new recipes. I would rather fold 10 loads of laundry than make dinner.

That said, I think it's really important to teach kids to cook. That natural progression can start with toast and move to cheese sandwiches and then eventually to french dip. My mom wasn't big on teaching us to cook. She much preferred to run her own kitchen and we were rarely allowed to participate in the meal planning or preparation. I sometimes wonder if that is one of the reasons (other than it's in my DNA) that I don't like to cook.

So I make my kids cook.

Well, actually, I get the Drama Queen to help teach them to cook. Scout needed to make a recipe for school with 7 ingredients or more so together they chose No Bakes Cookies. I thought you might want to see the cute pics Drama Queen took of Scout to prove to her teacher that she had completed the assignment.

Isn't she cute? And a natural-born cook!


Anonymous said...

For a mother with as many children as you have it is wonderful you do cook, bake and can and also you know how to organize and thrifty you are...Many have huge families and don't cook, their husbands don't cook either, my husband learned to cook or the entire group of kids would have perished for sure, his dad never stayed long enough after another baby was born..There were 8 kids living and no daddy and not much of momma who did not want to cook or do much of anything,how they managed is because my husband was not about to let everyone including himself starve to death, his oldest sister is a baker extrordinaire but the baby sister only got into big troubles and doesn't cook she surely smoked and drank though! I am a middle child I knew how to cook, clean, sew, organize, my Mom passed young and girls were expected to do everything, my dad took to drink after my Mom passed were taken away, I know about Foster Homes they were horrible and the people who got the money all came to horrible deaths what does that tell you about Karma? they got it in spades, our only child knows how to do everything, she doesn't get to cook much but she cookos, bakes, sews and saves her good income from a good job..I taught her how to do simple things because she was so inquisitive since she is my only child I made sure she knew how to live in case of anything..One never knows when the good Lord will take you home..Kudos to you for your love and faith and how you manage with the size of your family, I am sure it is your LDS Faith and your Love of womnderful Husband that keeps your family healthy happy and full of great foods, I also enjoy you know how to can and do many activities with your children and sell Tupperware to boot, you are super wonderful LADY AND MOTHER!

LeAnn said...

Now we need the recipe! It looks like a fun project. Another thing we are a like in; I don't like to cook either. I taught me children how to cook and then I didn't have to cook as much. Besides my husband is a better cook too and he likes too. Blessings and hugs!


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