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Jan 28, 2016

One Quilt Done

Remember at Teach's bridal shower when I told you we tied a couple of quilts for her? I finally finished binding one of them today. I want you to see how cute it is and let me explain why it's a pink frog quilt.

We found this fabric a long time ago and Teach wanted it to be a quilt for her. Time marched on, of course, and we didn't get it made. Until now. When I asked Twiz how he would feel about a mostly pink quilt, he said and I quote, "Real men wear pink!"

Pink or not, it will be wonderfully warm for them and a great addition to their new little apartment. Now to get working on the other one.


Denise said...

very, very cute.

LeAnn said...

It looks lovely! She will treasure these quilts for sure. Hugs!


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