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Jan 30, 2016

Up Too Late... Again

Here I go, staying up way too late again. Mostly it wasn't even my fault this time. I've been working on modifying Teach's wedding dress because she has her bridal pics tomorrow morning, but I finished that nearly 2 hours ago. This time it was Prima Donna.

She's a last minute sort of girl and even though she knew she had an audition at Weber State in the morning, she didn't remember she needed her dress washed until about an hour ago. That's when in a panic she brought it to me and asked me to help her.

Most of the time I'm inclined to let my older kids learn the hard lessons in life, but this time it just didn't seem like the right thing to do. She was already stressed and worried, cutting her music and trying to make her monologue fit the time frame. It's crazy, all that work and preparation plus a couple of hours of driving for exactly 60 seconds or less. How can they accurately judge someone's abilities in that amount of time?

So I stayed up, washed the dress and just put it in the dryer. My sweetie is taking her to Ogden in the morning. My day is full enough without that. And all I really want to do is snuggle up with the dog and Curly and sleep.


Anonymous said...

Your one daughter will be married soon, that will be one less child to really worry about in a sense.. You have a large family that relies upon you a lot, not many women can do and will do for their children like you do..I had only child she lives 4,000 miles from us we speak almost daily, she can sew, can, roast, bake, mend hems, and actually make lovely clothes from clothes she finds at high end re-sale shops for little money! She folds her dollar bills over and keeps walking when in NYC she sees a lovely outfit, her nice purse was from me when she got to go to Paris years ago and went to the Louis Vuitton purse factory, she picked a purse she liked called me and a wallet and I said get it if you think you will have it for many years, she did and that was her Hanukkah and birthday presents that year, her birthday is near Hanukkah! She has used the purse daily and the wallet & that was over 14 years ago, she works for a company and travels all the time, she is in Park City Utah for the Sundance festival and she loves Utah being a Colorado born girl herself, she stays away from the pageantry and lives with a family who owns a car service they adore her as she pays them to live in their home with their family and they transport her when she must attend events, she flies out early and cries when they say goodbye, there are 6 girls in the family of your faith, they are wonderful human beings and always make something for her to wear in chilly NYC can you imagine, she loves that family they call her another sister and she cries when she must leave, she doesn't get families who are not devoted and have a loving Mother and loving Father, faith, family and food as she says it is..You need some rest, congrats to both daughters but rememeber you are shining example of what a loving Mother and Person you are daily, get some rest and enjoy your children they grown up very fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

I do hope your daughter does well on the auditions. You have such talented children. I think they take after you.. You must be an expert at sewing. Hope you did get some sleep after being such an awesome mother. Hugs~

Denise said...

praying for all of you


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