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Jan 23, 2016

Pajama Party with the Cow

Sport took off last night for the scout Klondike, so we didn't have to go to his basketball game this morning. I was a little sad about that until Bossy reminded me we now had an empty morning so we could go to the Chick fil A Pajama Party with the Cow. I've had some free breakfast coupons that I've wanted to use for a while, and it sounded like the perfect opportunity.

We arrived at 9:30 and the line was short but the tables were full. Fortunately, by the time I got the food all ordered, everyone was seated. Bossy's family showed up a few minutes later. We had so much fun! They had games for the adults and the kids got to decorate a pillowcase or a princess bag with markers.

When we were finished, we were all given a gift card for a free dessert and a handful of mints. Not bad for the $23 I spent for 9 of us to eat a full breakfast. How was your morning?


LeAnn said...

That does look like a very fun activity! Blessings and hugs~

Denise said...

sounds moovelpus!!


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