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Sep 30, 2015

Me and My Shadow

I have a cute little shadow and she follows me everywhere.

Since Baby Doll's birthday is in October, she ended up with one more year of preschool. I'm not a bit sad about that since she is my youngest. I like having a fun little partner to do everything with. (Except the selfies, I could do without all her selfies...) She is constantly using up all the memory on my phone by taking the same picture over and over and over.

Or the embarrassing video. I deleted this one, but the other day I wasn't feeling very well, so after the kids got off to school, I climbed back in bed. She decided to take a video of my sleeping. Good thing my head was totally covered up!

We do all sorts of things together, shopping, chores, errands, appointments. Yesterday she went with me to the dentist and we got to hang out while Sport got his sealants. She loves the pediatric dentist's office as long as she doesn't have to get in "the chair."

Sport didn't take very long and when he was finished, I overheard the receptionist tell him he could have 2 prizes. He came out a few minutes later and showed me two little balls he had chosen. In the meantime, Baby Doll put away the trains and we gathered up. I was surprised when he headed back to the prize box with Baby Doll in tow. "You can have one of my prizes," he suggested as he slipped on of the little balls back into the box unnoticed. She reached for the sparkly little crown, but its brilliance was nothing to the smile on her face as she gave him a hug and a big thank you.

Maybe my little shadow just might start following her big brother everywhere. He's probably nicer than me, at least until she takes a video of him while he is sleeping...


Denise said...

such a sweet shadow

Charlene Maugeri said...

Oh this is precious! Your son giving her one of his prizes melted my heart!

Shell said...

She's such a sweet little shadow! Enjoy this last year with her at home!


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