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Sep 4, 2015

Being a Mother

What is it about being a mother that is so satisfying?

It's not being up late nights comforting a feverish infant who refuses to nurse.

It's not chasing a toddler down the aisle of the church, hoping that stinky diaper stays on until you can get him to the nursing room to change it.

It's not cleaning up fluorescent vomit when the 4-year-old eats way too much yogurt right before bed.

It's not picking up the pieces from the 9-year-old who is falling apart because she wasn't chosen for student council.

It's not the basketball games, the football games, the swimming lessons, or half-day kindergarten.

It's not piles of laundry, sticky fingers, missing shoes, or car seats.

It's not homework, microscopic vegetables, or broken glasses.

It's not broken bones, broken bikes or broken hearts.

Or maybe it is.


Denise said...

such a precious post, bless you.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have and will accomplish an enormous amount being a wonderful Mother and your hubs a wonderful Father.. I pray daily for people to read your blog and learn how to really be a Mom and Dad..they can do it too..I think it far more important than an outside job knowing you worked and worked too, but really if your kids have gone to you know what in a handbasket what is that much of an accomplishment..My hubs from a huge family no dad whatsoever and no husband he had to take the reins in the family and many of his siblings made very poor choices, we only have one child but she is fantastic and we very close, her joys are basically our joys, I gave up a job to nurse and take care of her, I did not have my Mother she passed very young and I vowed to never have a babydoll boy or girl and leave her with others and no Momma & no Daddy, no never, she is all the better for it..still single waiting to meet someone like her father and have a happy marriage and a family..She cares not what others think as for her she is determined to have a wonderful husband and family!!! You are a shining example of what a good Mother and faithful servant of God truly is and your Husband a good Father and faithful servant of the Lord, God's continued blessings~!

Marci said...

All the vomit is definitely not the satisfying part of being a mother. Dealt with that gross mess last week way too much! Snuggling the sick kiddo is the satisfying part though. Love your family!

LeAnn said...

It really is all of those things. Loved these thoughts! You are an amazing mother~


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