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Sep 27, 2015

Guest Blogger: Early Halloween Display by Dog Walker

All right, I will admit that I've been so excited for holidays to come back this year. But some of the times, I just want to enjoy the holidays already, even if they aren't at the right time. For instance, all these years since we started this blog, I was always in charge of putting up the holiday displays every year when the holidays come. It's close to the end of September and I just barely started school at UVU and now I'm employed to work at a warehouse to store things in boxes in order to earn enough money to buy gas for my car or even buy some gifts for Christmas and birthdays. But spending money so much just always makes my parents so worried about me losing all that money. They would usually tell me not to go crazy of buying so many things in the stores that could cost a fortune.
For example, before I was ever hired to work at Integra Core, in the doTerra company, I hear some teasing remarks from my sister, Bossy who tells me about the blow-up spider that moves its head. She did give it to me for my birthday when I was in high school. While taking her teasing remarks so literally, I decided that I've had enough of her being so jealous, I just wanted to buy one of the blow-up spiders to give her. I buy one and I sneak-or-treat to her house. When I got home, Mom received a call from Bossy telling her that what I gave her was the spider that cost $79! Mom asked for the receipt and I grudgingly give it to her. It just made me so upset with Mom and Bossy that I was just trying to be givable to others and to know how much I'm trying not to show hatred and greed to people. At first I thought that Bossy was being so ungrateful about it and I just didn't want to admit that what I just gave her would be so expensive.
I'm sorry that took a little long to talk about my sister Bossy and the expensive birthday gift incident, but I just wanted to point out about how she and I are trying to compare our home displays to each of our neighbors in the neighborhoods we live in. Anyway, I'm now going to tell you about  the early Halloween display that I set up this year. The other day, my Dad told me that I could start putting up the display only on the first day of October. A week ago, he went on a business trip to Boston for his job. Now, I thought we were finished with the last bits of corn on the cob from our garden. I made sure that I harvested all the good corn we had and we had a little bit of good corn still left, while being stung by a bee in the process. Then after I made sure all the corn was harvested, I then chopped all the stalks down and left a big pile of it in the garden. I started to put some pole posts up and Mom told me not to take the poles off the tomatoes since they're still being produced on the fences. She told me to either wait for a while or go to IFA to buy some more pole posts. I decided to go with the second option. I bought the pole posts and I post drilled them onto the front lawn.
I started carrying the stalks around and I tied them around almost all the posts, we had less corn stalks then I thought we would have (maybe next spring, I'll plant even more corn). So, I felt like there wouldn't be any way on how I can finish this up with not any more. Princess's boyfriend, Daylen mentioned to me that he had more stalks in case I needed some. It took a few days for him to bring them over in Drama Queen's truck.
I put the last bits of stalks onto the poles and then started to put up the lights. I got all the lights up in one night. I even had to buy new sets because some of the old ones weren't working all the way. The corn maze that I put up this year was going to be a bit different from the ones from the previous years. I even bought three bags of spider webs to stretch all around the maze. I kind of challenged myself that I would get this entirely done before Dad would be home from Boston on the Friday. He came home on Friday and was stunned. Mom talked him over it and then he got over it. I was thinking that next year when I set up a display, I would start a little later than just this time, because I'm still trying to get used to the idea of patience, especially when holidays are coming and you feel so excited to get traditional things ready for it.
I had almost the entire display set up, except for getting the spider webs stretched and hooked onto the display. I'm not usually good of making things perfect, especially when trying to make nice and spooky looking webs all around. And I still sometimes don't have the patience to take the time to get them all the way stretched onto the corn to make it dirty. I guess, making a mess is as hard as cleaning a mess. LOL!
Anyway, when I got all the display done, everyone, especially Dad was very impressed of it and they still reminded me that it's still a little early to set up a Halloween display, but I still challenged myself to get it all done before Dad got home from Boston and so that I won't stress over doing it while I'm either working at Integra Core or I'm at school trying to get homework done before the last minute. Children around our neighborhood start to admire it and are still hoping to come trick-or-treating at our house on the 31st.
Sadly, most trick-or-treaters from last year didn't go through the maze, they just went through the driveway and the sidewalk. Maybe this year, I'll convince mom that we should move the vehicles closer to the sidewalk between the driveway, so the kids can go through the maze. I hope you enjoyed this so much and I know you're going to remind me that it's a little too early to get it ready for Halloween yet. I just wanted to show you how much I enjoy trying to impress the neighbors, especially ones from our Family Ward. Happy Early Halloween, Blog-Followers! :)

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