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Oct 30, 2011


We had a fun Saturday! It started with Sport’s team winning their last league football team. Now they are off to the playoffs as the number one seed. Yeah, we think it’s cool too. Then my little army got busy and cleared both gardens and cleaned up the backyard. After that we figured it was time to party. My sweetie made us an amazing dinner and we watched Halloween movies and Bossy made a cool 3D Haunted House.

When they put in The Nightmare Before Christmas, my sweetie and I slipped out to go to JC Penneys. I had a good coupon and I managed to get Scout a new shirt and Baby Doll a cute jacket for a grand total of 49 cents! It was a good trip. But somewhere during that timeframe, we had a little discord at home. By the time we got back, Bossy had packed up her family and hit the road.

After a bit of discussion, it turns out that Bossy and the Prima Donna had words and the Dog Walker just had to throw his 2-cents in. Anyway, some apologies were in order. Unfortunately, Bossy was mad enough that she was not answering her phone. That’s when I devised my brilliant beyond brilliant plan. If you read the post about the Dog Walker’s corn maze, you know that Bossy’s family is trying to win their apartment building’s Halloween Lights and Display Contest. The prize is reduced rent for the next month, wouldn’t that be nice?!

When they cleared that garden today, the Dog Walker brought around all the rest of the cornstalks. Bossy had hoped to take some home for her display, but before she got the chance, Dog Walker had tied them all up in the front yard. It seemed to me that the best way to apologize was to have Prima Donna and Dog Walker sneak over to Bossy’s apartment and leave a bundle of cornstalks on her doorstep.

So we loaded up the van with the nicest bundle we could find and three pumpkins (one personally carved by the Prima Donna) and a letter of apology in a Halloween cup. We drove the ten minutes to her apartment, arriving at about 11:30 PM. We snuck around to her front door, hoping that her lights were still on. They were. Honestly, it was difficult to decide where to put the cornstalks, because they already had such a fun display, but we managed. I snapped a few pics so you could see her amazing job. I’d give her the prize!

Then we tip-toed around to her back door and doorbell-ditched the ceramic mug with the letter and some treats. You should have seen us run for the van! We peeled off just as their door opened. The kids thought it was way fun to “Sneak-or-Treat” someone. Maybe we should just start a new tradition. But next time not something as messy as cornstalks.


Bibbity Bobbity Boo said...


I really love her display too. :) Maybe one day I'll start decorating for Halloween, being from England it isn't such a big deal...I basically avoid even glancing out the window.

Slutty cats is about as imaginative as it gets around here. *shudder* Plus the odd mouldy pumpkin. :P

Emma Frances said...

What a perfect apology! :) So sweet and I'm sure it made apologizing more fun for the kids!

Cindy said...

That WAS sneaky... and a great idea! I hope she accepts your clever apology AND wins the contest!

Natalie Ockey said...

Cute! It's nice to do something nice after a fight--great idea to help Bossy win the prize. Hope they win!

Amanda said...

11:30pm is crazy late! Hope Bossy wins!!

Ruth said...

And that's just what families do. I love it! =)

Tara said...

What a sweet treat and a great story!


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