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Oct 28, 2011

Gifts for Scout


Birthday Suit!
I think I’ve told you before that I try to make a big deal out of birthdays because I almost shared mine with my older brother (his is the 22nd of January and mine is the 25th). Mom grumbled every year about making another cake when we had barely finished the first one. I promised myself that I would never do that to my kids and it’s a good thing because our birthdays are practically on top of each other. 

It’s almost November and that’s another big birthday month for us. Bossy’s is the 1st and the Dog Walker’s is the 4th.  I’ve got them covered for gifts already. The Dog Walker’s was easy because we bought him a Letterman’s jacket and since it was so expensive that is pretty much it.
Grandpa and Taco
Bossy is a little more tricky. Now that she is a mom and on her own, I try to give her things that I know she probably wouldn’t buy for herself. You know, like jewelry or clothes, accessories, that kind of thing. I won’t spoil the surprise since she usually squeezes blog-reading into her day.

My grandson, Taco’s birthday is also this month, but my sweetie LOVES buying little boy toys, so he is covered too. Our last November birthday is Scout. She is turning 6 this year, can you believe it?! She is so grown up for her age since she has all of these older sisters. She would love it if I would just give her makeup and jewelry. I’m much more inclined to look for games and dolls. I’ve been scouring the Internet for some good deals (since you all know how cheap I am!). My typical budget for birthdays this year is $50.00 although in most cases I sneak it up to about $75 (shh, don’t tell sweetie…).

Since I still have about 4 weeks, I have plenty of time to look. What do you think? Should I buy toys or maybe some cute clothes?

Toys drive me crazy because my sweetie has this aversion to throwing anything away. I’m much less sentimental and I get tired of constantly being part of the cleanup crew. I keep saying we just have too much stuff! Check out all of these LPS toys! And these are just Crafty and Princess’s collection. There are more kicking around the house.

Scout loves puzzles and games. They were playing Cootie this morning before she headed off to Kindergarten, but I hate the pieces that are always getting separated. Dare I confess that I have a large box of stranded game and puzzle pieces stashed behind my closet door? I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to pull it out and sort it all, but it just doesn’t happen.

So what did you love when you were six? Remember, my budget is only about 50 bucks…OK, 75, but don’t tell sweetie.


Amanda said...

i can't remember when I was six... that was before my brother came along so probably dolls and barbies... maybe some coloring books and crayons... do they have those dolls (well, more like beauty shop heads) that have the "swipe on" makeup still? i don't know if i had one of those but i always thought it was cool to put on and take off her makeup without it being real makeup.

you can check out "totsy" website as well.. they have great deals!

Lisa & Aukuso said...

ROLLERSKATES! (not blades, skates.)

Tracie said...

Taylie was born on the Twins 2nd Birthday. 3 of my 4 kids share the same day and mine is just 5 days after that. I ALWAYS make sure they have their own cakes and that we sing individually. Some family members and even strangers thing I am crazy for doing so. ("Think of the money you save on just having one cake and decorations!") I just want to make their day as special as I can for them. I am glad to hear you are the same way!

Now my six year old would want books (we read the entire Ramona series and she loved it) or the make up thing. I noticed Sams has a huge barbie make up kit that Lydia was drooling over. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Get her somethings like makeup which are at Target and also something to keep her warm in the winter coming up, how about a gift card to let her buy what she wants??? Just look over the stuff to make sure it is suitable to her age..Our only child is the 3rd of November and her daddys was the 21st of October, I always spoil my husband her daddy and spoil her by having separate celebrations, for our daughter I made sure not candy but a nice cake followed by good food for the kid who attended, they were hopped up on candy and real food was wonderful since most mom's worked and continue to do so..We once had almost all of her 6th grade class on a birthday party at our only mall, the Pizza place was wonderufl all I brought was the cake after ordering 2 big big pizza's had a scavengar hunt everyone took something home and the gift she got oh,my goodness really thoughtful from the boys too! My husband I always surprised him when he got off work we went to Stuart Andersons I had gifts there and a nice cake, we ate prime rib and our tiny daughter ate in a high chair I brought to the restaurant and family came for the cake and beverages, they never charged me for the tea, decaff coffees or their time, of course I tipped well and we had a wonderful time with no dishes to wash! LOL we keep it simple now, wherever he wants to dine or a meal he wants I make it, our daughter is over 3,000 miles in NYC and staying there, she calls early 3 hour time difference. I send her birthday cards starting on Oct. 31 thru her birthday with gift cards enclosed at almost 34 she knows what she wants to pick out, so go for it and enjoy your Scout!!!!

Emma Frances said...

Hmmm...my mom loves to buy toys and one year for Christmas she got my little sister tons of miniature cooking supplies {that actually worked} and kind of made my sister her own easy bake things that can go in the real oven. {Much yummier than Easy Bake}. And then she got her an apron and stuff too and put them all in a little basket. My sister loved it because she is the youngest so it was a grown up gift but made mini for her! She still uses a lot of the items! {And I think my mom got a lot of the stuff from IKEA...}

Emma Frances said...

P.S. I think it's great that you make a big deal out of birthdays no matter how close together they are. I bet your kids love it! :]


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