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Oct 4, 2011


My dad is a Commander in the American Legion Post 72 out of Orem, Utah. He has been involved with that group for several years now and they do some amazing things. First of all, they are not solely a group of old retired soldiers (although most of them are). Some are young and all are passionate about our country and patriotism.

The first time I saw these guys “perform” was at a funeral. Sport wanted to take pics of Grandpa is his white uniform for a Reflections video he was making. Grandpa agreed and we headed to the cemetery. It was cold and windy. We waited for a while and watched them get ready, then we climbed from the car and set up the video camera under a tree. We didn’t want to be obvious, but with a zoom lens we could see everything.

Despite the weather, these men did a wonderful job. They set up flags and as the Honor Guard, they were allowed to play Taps and perform the 21-gun salute. Even though I didn’t know the soldier they were burying, tears came to my eyes as they folded the flag and handed it to the family. These are men who know what it’s like to put it all on the line in the name of patriotism.

It was only natural that we would ask them to participate in the Dog Walker’s Court of Honor last month. They brought in the flags from each of the branches of the armed services and played their songs. They asked audience members to stand and be recognized. I was amazed at how many men had fought for our country. Then they showed us the proper way to fold the flag. They handled it so reverently and carefully, with white-gloved hands and slow salutes. How many of their friends had died for that very piece of cloth?
 So today I saw them again on KSL.com. They buried the mayor of Orem and Grandpa’s group was there to honor him. What a fantastic group of men! They aren’t paid for their time and trouble, only in helping us all become a little more appreciative of our freedom. Tell your friends “Thanks,” Dad, for helping us all remember.



Marci said...

Wow! That is an incredible service they provide!

M-Cat said...

I love watching these ceremonies. So patriotic and stirring!

Amanda said...

Thank is awesome. I also tear up sometimes spilling my tears at the amazing service these men have given to our country ... while they don't have to, they do. I definitely don't thank my own dad enough for his years of service.

T.O. Geezer said...

We recently attended my cousins military funeral. There was a group of retired veterans who did something similar. The groups like your dad is involved with are greatly appreciated by family and friends when they help out at funerals.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Incredible! These services for these amazing soldiers make me tear up.

Tracie said...

What an incredible man, thank him for his service to our country. I have seen the funeral salutes at my friend, uncles, and Grandpa's funerals and it is always so touching the care that they give.


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