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Oct 16, 2011

More Broken Bones Stories

I've told you before that broken bones tend to run in my family. Yesterday Curly was playing ball in the mudroom when he took a tumble and smacked his pinky finger on the dog food box. He was pretty upset about it, but not upset enough for medicine or an ice pack, so I headed back to my regular tasks. Half an hour later he was complaining again. After this happened a dozen times, I told him I would take him to the doctor on Saturday morning if he wasn’t feeling better.

So bright and early (OK, it was 9:00) I examined his finger. It was swollen with a black bruise ring very near the center knuckle. Of course we headed to the InstaCare. They moved us through quickly and soon we were stressing over X-rays. Curly was afraid of the big machine, but only for a minute. He was so excited to see what his hand looked like on the inside!

When we were finished, the doc told us that his bones were fine and intact. He had the nurse wrap the smallest two fingers together and cautioned us to use the wrap for five days. Gratefully, we headed for the door. We hadn’t been home five minutes when I noticed that the bandage was off. I scolded Curly and rewrapped his finger.

You know, I’m not a “helicopter” mom, but this whole deal reminded me of another story and another son. When the Gym Rat was in 6th grade, he broke his thumb playing football. The doctor gave him what looked like a rubber thumb to wear so he could continue to play ball. He was supposed to use it for three weeks and I don’t think he had it on for 3 minutes!

Another time he ran into a chain at the park while riding his bike with friends. He mentioned once that his arm was hurting a little, but then he didn’t say anything else…for a couple of days. Nearly a week had passed before he casually mentioned that he didn’t feel any better and maybe he needed to see a doctor. So I took him in. Sure enough, his arm had been broken (for a week!) and I definitely got the bad parent of the year award. Not that it mattered, he did the same thing he did with the thumb…on the way to school he would slip off his cast and place it in his backpack. Then as he was walking across our driveway, he would pull it out and wriggle his hand back inside. It wasn’t until Bossy told me what he was doing that I put a stop to it. And you thought I was a bad kid when I was that age!


Anonymous said...

I too have my fair share of broken bone story's. When I was 6 I was playing with my 13 year old cousin on her bunkbed, and I ended up falling from the top bunk. I had told my Aunt that my arm hurt a little, so she gave me an icepack and had me watch a movie. Well 3 days later I told my dad my arm was a bit sore, and we went to the Dr's and found out it was broken. My parents were divorced at this point and I have to say my mom was none too happy.

Mommy Bags said...

OH my I am not looking forward to broken bones. I am following form the hop hope you can come by and check my site out.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

A whole week is a long time--that's one tough kid you have!

My older brother used to get injured all the time when we were growing up.
So far I've been fortunate with my kids, but our guardian angels may be getting worn out. :)

mommeeof10 said...

We have only had 2 broken arms so far. Multiple kids have had stitches. I wonder if #6 broke his toe thursday, as his foot still hurts. He and #5 (11 and 13 yrs old) were fighting and #3 (17)separated them. #6 then decided to kick #3 in the shins. #6 was barefoot, #3 out weighs him by 100+ pounds. #6 has had a sore foot since then, but the dr could not get him in on Friday and I am not paying a $200 ER co pay for an injured foot. We'll call the dr first thing in the morning again to see if they can get him in or at least call in the order for an xray at the hospital. He is still hobbling around and can not walk on the foot, so he either sprained it badly or broke his small toe/the small bone in the outside of his foot.

LeAnn said...

I enjoyed the story! My granddaughter just broke her arm and now has a purple cast and she is receiving a ton of attention which may not be great in the long run. One of my sons cut a small part of a finger off while moving pipes on a farm. When he tells the story he says he came home and I looked at it and said we needed to get him to the hospital. Meanwhile, I took time to get my makeup on. Now the truth is I am a nurse and sometimes I didn't get really excited about the injuries; because they didn't seem that bad and they were not. I felt I showed appropriate compassion for each situation. This son is one that loved attention all the time and he always gets a good laugh when he tells his version.

Katie said...

If it makes you feel any better, my brother broke his arm 2 different times...and both times it took my mom a few days to a week to take him to the doctor because my brother wasn't telling her how much it hurt. Then instead of a cast they just gave him a splint thing so he could take it off to shower. He hated it so he wouldn't wear it no matter what she did.

Anonymous said...

I fell off a chair and sort of broke my foot it started like this I told my brother to not slap me and so I told him to slap my hand and he did and I jumped of the chair and sort of broke my foot


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