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Oct 1, 2011

Guest Blogger- Princess and Teach: Taylor Swift

On our way to the BEST CONCERT EVER!
So…I work at a ticket kiosk thing at the local grocery store, so I know most of the current concerts and events that are coming up in our neck o’ the woods. When I heard that good old Tay-Swifty was coming to concert I was SOOO super excited! I was all over getting tickets, but something happened and I put it off and didn’t get in there the morning they went on sale. When 5:30 rolled around and I got into work I asked my coworker how much the Taylor tickets were. She laughed hysterically at me and said they had sold out in less than 2 minutes.


The view from $83.15 tickets
So… I pretty much got over it and decided I was never ever going to see my favorite artist perform. Ok, so I wasn’t totally over it but I couldn’t really do anything about it! In August (about 5 months after all the tickets sold out) I got a text from my coworker that said they were releasing a second batch of available tickets at 5:00. Oh golly, I was so there. I printed them at 5:00:01. $83.15 per ticket. Again, joke. Totally worth it. I went with Princess and my best friend Alex, (originally Dog Walker was supposed to come, but he didn’t want to spend that much… he’s a cheap skate).
Love Story- hovering balcony

It was THE best concert. EVER. Taylor put on such a good show! I have never been to a concert like that where the singing wasn’t the sole source of entertainment, but there were dancers, props, special effects. Everything. I went to Tim McGraw over the summer and although I love lil’ Timmy, he just sings… Taylor lights off fireworks, hovers in a balcony, plays the ukulele on a rotating tree… gosh. She’s rock awesome.

Also, this is not really important but slightly hysterical. They changed some of the men’s bathrooms into women’s bathrooms specifically for this event. It was a little gender stereotypical… but totally worth it. So yes, I’ve been in the “men’s’” restroom at Energy Solutions Arena.

This is what Princess had to say about the whole enchilada.

I didn't take this, but it is from T-Swift's concert
Taylor Swift, yeah pretty much the coolest thing ever, I honestly don’t know were to begin! There were giant bells, fireworks, light up trees, fake weddings, you could text the screen and your message would appear for the whole audience to see. People came out of the floor and down from the ceiling. And well, of course there was my favorite songs playing and it started snowing and…. Oh heavens! It was the best ever! They even had ballerinas! And they were amazing! And one particularly scary part a little pink loop of fabric came down from the ceiling and the dancers started partnering on the rope as it lifted up into the sky, no safety ropes or anything, how didn’t they die?!

Teach and I sang along to every song at the top of our lungs and we screamed and hollered at every possible moment. When I woke up the other day my mouth was completely dry, I couldn’t move it for a good solid minute and then a whole layer of my skin on my lips feel off over the course of the school day, but it was so worth it.

There were about 12 massive semi trucks
At one point Taylor went through the audience and was hugging the little girls and giving high fives, it was so cute! I have no idea how she changed so fast! Well, actually I do but… it’s a figment of speech. It was so sad, she started getting all like teary eyed during her sad songs and even if Teach thinks its just because she’s a good actress, I believe she really is sad every time she sings it. I love you Taylor and thanks Teach for putting up with my craziness and letting me come, it was the best!

We're so super excited!

Oh, Princess. You thought you were crazy? I’m a grown woman jumping up and down at a concert filled with seven-year-olds. I thought you might just disown me! Oh well. We’re still sisters. All is well. Thanks for the pictures, Alex! We finally got to see Taylor Swift. In concert. It was Enchanting!

Taylor Swift!
I’m probably never going to get over it.


Primma Donna said...

NO comments im offended! I loooove Taylor and im so sad i couldnt go :(((( but by the time i said i wanted to go they were sold out so... any way i love taylor
(does heart with hands)

Tracie said...

My friends went said it was the best concert ever! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Emma Frances said...

This is awesome! :] I am super jealous of you ladies! Someday...someday! I will have to go with my sister because there is no way my husband would go to a Taylor Swift concert. Haha. Sad but true!


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