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Sep 24, 2015

Back to Back Football

My Baby Doll ran errands with me after preschool yesterday, so we had a fun mommy-daughter date at In N Out Burger. Teach gave us her free coupon so the two of us had lunch totally free.

But that's not what this post is really about. I just wanted to share that cute pic of her.

It was so fun to watch the football scrimmage yesterday for Curly's team! They played Burrito's team (coached by Gamer). If you remember, we missed football tryouts and the Scout league is brand new so my cute son was an unknown. He was placed on the Platinum team which is the lowest in the pecking order, but since it is his first year, we are totally fine with that.

His coach was pleasantly surprised by his size and although he is the youngest on his team, he is one of only 3 X men (which means he must play the line). He gets to play pretty much all the time, every game! He plays on the offensive line and on the defensive line, and yesterday he was lined up against Burrito. It was fun to watch them push each other around on the field instead of in the family room.

Had we known Gamer would be a coach, we might have been able to put them on the same team, but it's probably best this way. I think if they were playing together they would just distract each other. The only sad part is that normally they play on different fields at exactly the same time so we can't watch both of them play.


There was the game where Bossy and I sat back to back and updated each other on the plays...


LeAnn said...

Yup! It is back to football. We have two grandsons that are the same age and they played against each other last year. They both played on the line too. They are big boys so they get to play most of the games, also. This year we have 5 grandsons playing football and 3 playing soccer. We usually try to at least get to one of their games.
Loved the cute picture of baby doll at your free lunch. Hugs!

Denise said...

I love football


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